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Mesmerizing Trolltunga - The Troll's tongue

Trolltunga (the Troll's tongue) is one of the most mesmerizing and scenic cliffs in Norway, and the view here is breathtaking.

This amazing Precambrian rock that overlooks the valleys of the Hardanger region - formed during the ice age when the edges of the glacier existing at that time reached the cliff - jutting horizontally out of a mountain about 700 meters above the lake Ringedalsvatnet (in the municipality of Odda in Hordaland county), at about 1100 meters above sea level, has an iconic shape that became one of the most popular hiking destinations in Norway and fascinating natural attractions.

Trolls tongue
Trolls tongue - Pixabay Jeremy Elliott

The mountains surrounding the cliff reach heights of up to 1500 meters. Some of the hilltops have plains that are interspersed with lakes and offers one of the most stunning views in the world.

The best way to reach Trolltunga and satisfy your hunger for extraordinary outdoor adventures is to take a hiking trip - definitely a strenuous yet fun experience with plenty of opportunities for photography!

This is a hiking trip for about 14 - 22 km (depending on where your starting point) where you can pitch your tent and experience majestic mountains, stiff rocks, lush green fields, eventually seeing also a few flocks of happy sheep, turquoise shimmering waters, blue sky, immense serenity, and lovely scenery all the way.

Depending on weather conditions and when the snow melts in the mountains, the hike to Trolltunga is, usually, possible from mid-June until mid-September; it takes about 10 hours (round trip) and the ascent is about 900 meters through high mountains.

Trolltunga Norway
Trolltunga - Flickr Jens Rongved

The trail to Trolltunga (marked with red „T”) passes through the beautiful landscape of the fjord arm Sørfjorden on the way towards Odda, a bedrock and washed slippery hillsides containing gneiss, then through Husedalen valley and a wild river where one can see some giant trouts lurking into the waters.

Then passing nearby four stunning successive waterfalls and streams on the way from Kinsarvik to Hardangervidda National Park (the largest high mountain plateau in northern Europe), a wide network of marked trails both summer and winter, connected by mountain cabins.

The paramount view from Trolltunga (Toll’s tongue) takes your breath away and pictures may not capture in full the entire drama and scale of the scenery.
And sitting on the tongue itself, either by yourself or with your companions, is one of the coolest experiences in a lifetime!

Trolltunga Norge
Trolltunga - Flickr Vanda Szeplaki
- even if it is said that this trip is for everyone, rather consider whether you are in good shape and have the right equipment before setting out (hiking shoes, warm layers, raincoat, hat, sunscreen, and windcheater),
- check the latest weather forecast before going to Trolltunga because the weather in the high mountains can change quickly; freezing hail, high-speed winds, or a thick fog could be encountered and make one shaking cold and completely fatigued before reaching the desired destination,
- if you wish to stay overnight in the mountain area around Trolltunga, catch the sunrise there, overlooking the gorgeous fjord rather than have your own tent or sleeping bag,
- you will need sturdy hiking boots, bring extra clothing, and be prepared for bad weather.
- bring a map, compass, and flashlights,
- have some food and drink.

Trolls tongue
Trolls tongue - Flickr Florian Boepple
- the first and last parts of the trip are the toughest being basically straight up a mountain thru sharp rocks and a steep start  for almost 2 km,
- along the fjord, there is a mild and humid coastal climate,
- if you run out of water, you can refill your bottle at the waterfalls with clean water,
- there is no mobile phone coverage along the route,
- parking fee ~ NOK 100/ day in Skjeggedal near the funicular Mågelibanen (not in operation),
- no safety railing has been constructed on the edge of the cliff to avoid harming the natural beauty of the cliff, so you’ll be responsible for your own safety.

Trolltunga Norway
Trolltunga Norway - Flickr Mike Appels

Trolltunga Adventures (with over 17 years of hiking experience) offers unforgettable guided trips to the majestic Trolltunga, through some of the most spectacular landscapes Norway has to offer.
Guests can choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 days trek – and either one will be an excellent outdoor adventure! 

Choosing Trolltunga Adventures for a guided trip to reach the majestic Trolltunga - it will be a great option as the hike follows a different path than the one offered in regular packages - from Tyssedal, with the hike thru Husedalen (not marked with "T"), on the way you will pass, also, a very old wooden farm originally built by monks from a cloister in Hardanger, where you can take a minute and appreciate the wonderful views around you. 

Guided by them you’ll have an unforgettable trip surrounded by impressive natural beauty, the chance to take a refreshing mountain bath, go fishing/ rock climbing/ hiking/ walking, spend a well-deserved night in a tent staring at the sky, enjoy the sunrise at the cliff, and take amazing captures in photos.

Dare to experience Trolltunga (the Troll’s tongue) getting the troll’s kiss once in a lifetime!

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