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About me

Good morning - no matter the time of the day you’ve landed here, it’s always a fresh, bright, sunny day - and welcome to my blog!

Passionate about traveling, reading, writing, simplicity, genuine natural beauty… and addicted to fresh flavored coffee!

Despite the odds of life wished to give something back to the world, and created “Journeys for mind and soul” to inspire readers sharing random thoughts about history, legends, stunning travel destinations, books, authors and education in general, unique celebrations, savory food and appetizing holiday recipes, fascinating people and extraordinary life experiences, and see how amazing life could be, enjoy simple things, be positive, kind and - as Johnny Walker - keep smiling!

This is a blog for anyone with sparkles in the eyes, soul and mind, not on cloths!

Just grab your coffee mug, listen to some relaxing music and take this new challenge… read a couple of random thoughts or few triggering topics, and feel free to share your opinion and come up with suggestions.