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Trolls - legendary mysterious creatures of Norway

Trolls - the legendary mysterious creatures of Norway

In Scandinavian mythology and folklore, a troll is a supernatural and shy being that comes from stone and is avoiding sunlight to don’t be turned into stone again - and according to the legends - some of them have a bad impact on humans, others positive, and the most important thing was to don’t make them be your enemy. 
Trolls turned into the stone (Own photo)
Trolls turned into the stone - own photo

It is said that the mystical trolls were hiding into the deep wooden forests and caves, living isolated in small families in the mighty snow-capped mountains, between rocks or near roaring waterfalls and would come out only after sun-set, and they would disappear before the morning sun arose because the direct exposure to the sun could cause the crack, turn into stone and possibly get burst.

As features, some trolls have long crooked noses, only four fingers, and toes on each limb, and most of them had long bushy tails. Some are huge, ugly, and slow-witted, some look and behave exactly like human beings and others are very small, curious, and friendly to humans.

As you can see, the trolls are not equal. Some of them reflect in legends created hundreds of years ago, while the rest appeared in stories of writers from Northern countries.

Norwegian Trolls (Own photo)
Trolls - own photo

It seems that trolls are of many different types, most of them being described and coming from old myths and legends, others created by various authors from Northern countries and worldwide in their fiction books:

- The troll of the forest - man-eaters - a giant, a slow yet strong, ugly and lazy creature living in Norwegian mountains, deep in the dark forests, lied on the ground and looking like a huge hill, often being very old having mushrooms growing in his ears and moss coming out from his nose, yet able to sense the human scent, follow it and chase people to eat them.

- The troll of the mountain - as savage mountain dweller, as the troll of the forest but crazy about gold - he robs everyone met on his way, no matter if rich or poor. 

- The two-headed and three-headed troll - the most terrific creature compared to the rest of trolls - Has three empty brains which make him act weird and do nonsense. 

- The troll that could be a witch, a demon or an evil spirit, or a ghost.

- The good-natured and naive troll - a silly creature that could be easily played full, and if they realize this, can become quite revenge and kidnap animals and children.

- The troll that is helping people... in which case are expecting a favor in return. :) ... quite cheeky!

- The troll of the war - brought up in the contemporary fiction novel „Lord of the Rings“ - a monster wearing a heavy coat of mail, fighting with giant weapons, that can be defeated only by the greatest knights and restless fairies. 

- The Moomins - the best and sweetest trolls even able to sing - appeal to the children willing to discover the “Moomin World”.

The most recent fairy-tales are saying that all around the beautiful fjords of Norway - in mountain areas full of rocks - are plenty of trolls still living nowadays, hide from sunlight and unexpected guests.

Be aware! Trolls passing by! (Own photo)
Be aware! Trolls passing by! - own photo

So, why not prepare your backpack and rumble around Norwegian mountains, fjords, and waterfalls and get the chance to take a photo of the large local stones - often described as being the product of a troll's toss or being the trolls turned to stone upon exposure to sunlight - and with the first troll popped onto your way!? :) 

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