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Incredible London street art graffiti

Incredible street art and graffiti in London

Street art graffiti is designed to bring in a sense of excitement, expression, and happiness in our day to day lives, and driven by curiosity, the passion for colors, graffiti, and urban art could become infectious.

Many times, despite its daily challenges, our life can become monotonous at times, the reason why, often, we find ourselves willing to get out of our comfort zone, looking for a spark and find a way to push everything to the next level, while bringing in a sense of joy and expression.

The street art is taking graffiti out of the shadows by turning the spray can into a modern tool for creating an intriguing scene and masterpiece.

That’s where the need for art street and graffiti comes into play, and it’s unlike anything else that you can find out there as this energetic and dynamic work on the wall is constantly changing offering an amazingly cool “canvas”.

Street art graffiti London
Street art graffiti London - Pixabay NadinLisa

Who creates street art graffiti?

The spray or stencil painting is so much harder than it looks but anyone with an artistic eye and talent can create graffiti or any form of street urban art.

It all comes down to sharing your ideas and inner creativity with others, coming up with a unique perspective, and truly bringing in a sense of happiness and excitement into the mix. As soon as you do that, results are great and the experience will shine no matter the situation. Plus, street art offers you a way to express yourself, bring positive energy, expand your reach, and connect with people from a purely emotional standpoint. You can easily create art that shares an idea and speaks to a person, which brings in a true connection and reflection that you just can’t find anywhere else. 
Banksy - I love London Robbo
Banksy - I love London Robbo - own photo

Finding beauty in ugly things

One of the nice things about street art graffiti is that it allows people to express themselves in a unique and varied way. Sometimes it can be simple to do that, other times less so. Yet whenever you create street art, you get to show off your ideas, techniques, use of imagination, and meanings behind what you believe. It’s a rewarding opportunity and one of the things that really help push your creativity and inner freedom to the next level.

Taken for granted, some street or underground graffiti pieces might seem ugly, but as with any art creation and perspective, it’s up to us to find either the beauty in ugly or genuine beauty.

Once you can understand the story, message, and what lies behind it, it turns into a very rewarding and powerful experience, one that will help push your ideas and creativity to the next level all the time, and also better understand what various controversial artists did create, how, where, and why. 

Undergound street art graffiti London
Undergound street art graffiti London - Pixabay Joe Chiaro

Great diversity and complexity

Maybe a crucial reason why street art graffiti is so interesting for many of us is the fact that it delivers a sense of diversity and complexity.

Everyone can share their ideas, based on your own experiences, and believes, and connect with others the way you want. It’s just a very distinctive, powerful approach and one of the things that really make a huge difference in the long run. Simply take your time, explore, and reveal ideas that bring in some light over issues you encounter. Or maybe you just want to showcase your skills in designing random graphics.

Street art helps you do that, and it’s a powerful tool of expression. You have a massive canvas and tools to work with, which makes it even better. 

Banksy - Shoreditch London street art graffiti
Banksy - Shoreditch London street art graffiti - own photo

A sense of intrigue and mystery

When you see street art graffiti, you never really know who created it, unless it’s signed. And most of the time you will find yourself very interested in a street art piece without even knowing who created that in the first place. The truth is that street art can have a whole lot of amazing layers, it can also be very mysterious, and also give space to imagination and interpretation. But that’s the thing that makes it unique, the fact that people of any age can just take their graffiti and bring their own ideas to life, as well as enjoy the art pieces created by others. It’s sort of liberating, and also a great way to share some interesting social messages or even political opinions for that matter.

In fact, you will notice a lot of street art graffiti comes with a vast range of political statements. Sometimes this can even be used as a way for people to spread the word about social issues, problems that appear, and a whole lot of other similar stuff, and take action, sympathize or not.

Dealing with anger and economic problems can be difficult. However, artists can use street art graffiti as a way to vent their anger and also show others that yes, challenges are appearing in our lives, and we really need to find ways to deal with them properly. Sometimes it can be hard to do that, other times less so. But trying to do it properly, smart and nicely - looking like art, not vandalism - is what really matters the most. 

Street art graffiti Stik
Street art graffiti Stik - Flickr Chris

Street art graffiti helps people show off their freedom in a unique manner

Taking here about beautiful street art, not vandalism!

The great thing about creating street art graffiti is that there are no limits. You don’t even have to be a legitimate artist. Instead, your focus is to purely create art that’s powerful, unique and has a message to the viewer in its own way. The fact that you can showcase your freedom and stay free the way you always wanted is very enticing. It delivers a great set of ideas, and you can easily stay anonymous while bringing a voice to your concerns or thoughts. It just really offers a sense of excitement and happiness, and in the end, it’s one of those things that you will cherish more than you imagine. 

It is a voice in colors and shapes!

Stik - Shoreditch London street art
Stik - Shoreditch London street art - own photo

This is the true crossover between a gallery and personal art

It’s always a good idea to allow people to speak their mind and bring in their creativity the way they always wanted. What you will love about street art graffiti is the fact that it’s really creative, and it constantly encourages you to bring in a sense of uniqueness into the mix. There will always be challenging situations that can arise, but the truth is that street art graffiti will help express yourself and share your emotions. It’s just a different setting, instead of having art pieces in an art gallery, you have them displayed on the streets or underground locations.

Shoreditch London street art graffiti
Shoreditch London street art graffiti - own photo

The best way to express colors, themes, and ideas

One of the great things about street art graffiti is the fact that it allows people to just speak their minds. They can be as creative as they want, while also sharing their own ideas and perspective. It’s a fun approach and one of those things that help bring in front a great perspective over the current society.

Plus, the anonymity that comes with street art graffiti also means artists can freely express all the ideas they have without needing to rush in any way. It’s very rewarding, and at the same time, it makes the art piece speak for itself. There are no hidden meanings, it all comes together in a powerful manner, and it constantly pushes the boundaries all the time.

Should people continue creating street art graffiti?

Yes, because it’s a symbol of every society, and it constantly pushes that sense of happiness and creativity in unique ways! 
Art street graffiti London
Art street graffiti London - Flickr Lia Raquel Dias

Best places to see stunning street art graffiti in London

Take an inspiring walk along London’s cobbled streets to explore the best street art in the world and see amazing, eclectic, interesting, controversial, shocking, and also beautiful underground and urban art.

You’ll be delighted by massive murals and pieces that take-up entire buildings, to the tiny hidden pieces you may miss otherwise (especially Bansky’s tiny rats):
- Bateman’s Row
- Brick Lane
- Camden (home to many murals)
- Fashion Street
- Hoxton
- Shoreditch
- Spitalfields

Most of these gritty and bohemian areas are known since the early 2000s as internationally significant street art locations with walls decorated by:
leading local artists such as Bambi, Banksy, D*Face, Dscreet, Eine, Invader, Jimmy C, Pure Evil, Phlegm ROA, Shepherd Fairy, Stik, and Sweet Toof, and 
- world’s artists as Amara Por Dios, Blek Le Rat, C215, Pegasus, ROA, Swoon, and Vhils among others have placed beautiful artworks on the street.

All these areas support a thriving community of street and underground artists, graffiti writers, street art galleries, street artist studios, suppliers, and other creative industries. 

Banksy - Shoreditch London art street graffiti
Banksy - Shoreditch London art street graffiti - own photo

Banksy - Famous and controversial graffiti artist and street art legend

World-famous, controversial yet anonymous Banksy is a British graffiti artist active since the 1990s that creates incredible art pieces of work that can be found in public places, especially on the walls of buildings or bridges.

He is using stencils and a particular representative style that allows him to create his paintings with great detail in a short amount of time.

Bansky’s art could look rebellious to some, as usually is delivering political messages, as well as funny.
If you want to say something and have people listen, then you have to wear a mask. - Banksy, Artist
Street art Banksy
Street art Banksy - Flickr Niky81

Street art and graffiti walking tours in London:

People with an interest in street art and painting, and those who are just curious to learn something new about graffiti, art street or urban art history, graffiti artists vs. street artists, new ways and aspects, international and local artists categories and techniques, and everything related to will thoroughly enjoy these tours ideas will bring it all to life for you and broaden your knowledge:
- Wonders of London - Banksy Exhibition in London

Shoreditch London urban street art graffiti
Shoreditch London urban street art graffiti - own photo

You can take a street art walking tour in London any time of the year, no matter the weather, and at the end, of course, one could have a lovely cup of coffee or dive into a London pub for beer!

Enjoy a breathtaking experience along an inspired street art walk around London

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