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Mudchute Park and Farm - the hidden gem in the City Centre of London

It is said that the best things in life are free and Mudchute farm park is definitely proof!

A hidden gem of a place, a wonderful and tranquil oasis of greenery, that will make your trip and time in London feel like you're not in the City center, while still seeing the famous Skyline.

A great farm park and tourist attraction to visit - all ages and dogs welcome, located between Canary Wharf and Greenwich Park, where you can try out some local cuisine, walk around and chill out in the green shadowed by curious squirrels away from the hassle of the city! 
Mudchute farm - horses
Mudchute farm - horses

Considered to be the biggest city farm in Europe, Mudchute certainly has plenty of things and activities to offer, and while wandering around this vast green area you’ll be amazed to discover:
- a wide range of farm animals,
- a small petting area and even a dog photos contest,
- a lovely wall hosting a range of bugs houses,
- a cafe with appetizing food (the savory large traditional British breakfast made of fresh farm eggs is a must!), flavored tea, coffee, and tasty cakes,
- a stained glass crafting center Mudchute farm - where you can get a course for yourself or a gift to a friend,
- an anti aerial remnant of WWII,
- a small charity market in summary days,
- and have your first horse riding experience with very friendly and patient instructors.

Mudchute Park and Farm map - London
Mudchute Park and Farm map - London

The staff is incredibly welcoming and always there to help out direct you to the right place and offer some cool facts about the animals.

They've got a nice variety of farm animals within great, big enclosures - all look very well cared for, healthy and happy, and seem to love being petted.

Here little kids can learn about the importance and value of animals and the environment, come up close with lots of really cute pony, sheep, cockatiels, chicken, ducks, donkeys, llamas, and the biggest pig I’ve ever seen, some foxes hanging around and playful squirrels not afraid to come right up following you from the surrounding tiny fences.

You can also buy some food to give to the animals, which is always great fun for children!

And do not worry, the farm has lots of hand washing stations!

The farm is selling animal food, and if you are hungry or thirsty, there's a nice cafe is offering a very good range of food, which is amazing value for money and great quality.

You can either take a packed lunch or can enjoy a delicious meal (inside the coffee shop or a picnic area with wooden benches and plenty of space) offering a lovely selection of food and drinks, indulge your senses with a countryside smell like, and you’ll definitely be back again.

Mudchute farm - English breakfast
Mudchute farm - English breakfast

While walking around Mudchute farm you have great views towards both Greenwich towers and skyscrapers in Canary Wharf, Docklands.

Mudchute Park and Farm - Canary Wharf
Mudchute Park and Farm - Canary Wharf

Highly recommend it for a day out! It's right next to the Mudchute and Crossharbour DLR stations, Asda in Docklands, and can be accessed coming either from Canary Wharf or the Foot Tunnel that goes under the Thames all the way from Cutty Sark, Greenwich.

A great place when one could become nostalgic recalling lovely memories of grand-parents having farms with all kinds of animals and birds, home-cooked food, and a lot of green space to walk and play around.

Mudchute farm - squirrel
Mudchute farm - squirrel

Free entry, come and go as you please.

When raining or during winter is becoming muddy and you’ll definitely enjoy the time here yet don’t forget the willies! :)

Mudchute Park and Farm simply a breath of fresh air in the City center of London!

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