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The absence of color

The absence of colour
The absence of color (Photo PixabaySara Castellano Frutos)

What about the absence of color?

The absence of colors makes me think about colors and their fascinating world, about the impact of colors in our life and the amazing power of colors.

I'm wondering if the absence of color is a color or non-color!? And how do we perceive color, in general? Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple... black, white...

What means "color" to you? Rainbow colors or autumn leaves colors? That means black and white to you? And what about grey shades or sepia (found mostly in photography)?

The beauty of color does it bring any impact or emotion to you?

How would be our life in a world of colors and how would it be in a neon-colored world?
Is the absence of color actually a color? Or is the absence of color not a color at all?
I think these issues can go both ways and are somehow related together.
"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions." - Pablo Picasso
Chromatic says that black and white are non-colors. Lately were considered noncolors also any pale color between plus shades of brown, any faded sienna or Terra, etc
But better abstain from developing any (unauthorized) thesis concerning chromatic, complementary colors, warm/cold, light/dark, rainbow colors contrast between proportions, quantities or values, etc so, here are my opinions regarding your questions.

Considering that for any regular individual, with not paranormal senses, besides air everything else that he's able to see has a color, yes, the absence of color is always color.
Then, if we take into consideration the variety of human characters, personalities, sensory capabilities, and their taste for art or simply for color.

One may like bold (colorful) things around and when sees a pale shadow to say about it that has no color at all, and another one to like neutral colors, notice them as pleasant ones while the other ones disturbing (as consequence, considering them non-existing).

Also, for architects, designers, painters, and few other individuals with a taste for color schemes and friendly results, always they associate a neutral color with whatever should be emphasized, the main one glows put under the spot, while the other one passes unnoticed, but is there.

As a paradox, in the absence of color, we're unable to notice the color!

The absence of color
The absence of colour (Photo Pixabay Ylanite Koppens)

The importance of Colors in our Life! 
Could Colors Affect You? This hub discusses colors and their importance in our lives. Psychologically speaking, colors affect us in many ways and can interpret our inner souls. 
So, it's important to know your color.
"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts." - Marcus Aurelius
Yes, when we start painting, for example, no matter who's the artist (excluding Picasso or Dali!), the canvas has to be on a neutral basis the connoisseurs saying "non-color"/ colorless, as none so said true/ vivid color or un-wished shade on it to don't interfere with artist' coming opera/ creation.

Then, if we modify a bit the angle of perception toward another level (surprise!), we may notice that any form of energy, subsequent changes (metamorphosis in any possible way), action or non-action, wind/ sneeze/ breath (smokers excluded!), our power of mind, senses-feelings, thoughts, dreams (don't think about illusory pink ones! excluded as well), sounds, flavors (no relating them with fruits, breeze, etc!), our instincts, capabilities (speaking, talking, learning) - have no color.

Would one enjoy life in black and white? Or gray?
Would be the same without the rainbow's colors?

How would be our life without air, scents, knowledge (reading, writing, learning, science...) and music - as non-colors - or without breathtaking landscapes worldwide, wonderful architectural sites, paintings, sculptures, designs, and photography (whatever arts may include) and love - as colors?

I presume all colors and noncolors are necessary and important into our lives to bring serenity or boost our energy, make us dream or work, see the blue sky, a joyful spring (river), a delicious gourmet food, enjoy music throughout the color of its sounds, and get a smile on our faces...

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