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Dive for a beer in London pubs

Sherlock Holmes London pub (own photo)

Diving for a beer in a London pub

If you’re taking a day tour in the cosmopolitan British capital, after wandering for hours amongst charming, old cobbled streets in the picturesque center, feel the need to unwind a bit after visiting the last museum from your list or need a fun night time, don’t miss to dive for a beer in London pubs and refresh yourself with a genuinely local brew... and chunky chips!

You can nibble on savories of local food, snacks, and cakes, and enjoy a drink in various pubs in London that suit your mood and choice from cozy to chic, quaint or traditional spots, eventually admiring the view and Victorian architecture from a riverside pub.

Find the right drinking spot to enjoy an early morning pint of beer along with a rich and flavored English breakfast or tasty scotch eggs, dare to sun yourself on a rooftop bar, start your evening in an 18th century pub located in the old part of the city, with superb beer gardens, or go find a late-night drink to an elegant pub or a traditional one, off the beaten track or in one part of the city that doesn't sleep and have a novel “tourist experience”.

Here are some fabulous London pubs with friendly staff where you could stop in, sit and have a savory fresh pint from British brewers, meet nice people and have fun:
- accessible and decent pubs and bars were drinks are not too pricey ("The Market Gate")
- cocktail pubs and bars – here can muster various tastes and beverages ("Purl")
- DJ pubs – where you can relax listening to preferred music selection chosen by a talented DJ, and get out to dance off gathered calories ("Trapeze")
- elegant pubs – where you should dress up in your classy fashions for stylish drinks ("Coburg Bar")
- gastro pubs for tasting exceptional British cooking recipes, take a bite from local food… or even nosh yourself (“Fox and Anchor” or “The Eagle”)
- gay pubs and bars – hang out with people with similar preferences (“Freedom”, “Ku”)
- sports pubs and bars – where you can share a drink with your friends passionate about the same sport or watch your favorite team ("Rileys Sports Bar Haymarket", "Freemasons Arms")
- old-fashioned pubs where to sip a craft beer or cider straight from the source low-beamed bar and the 18th-century interiors, where you also may have the chance to hear an old legend, listen to a local song and taste some hefty fry-ups ("The Anchor", "Sherlock Holmes", “The Red Lion” known as the oldest pubs in London).

The Anchor pub London (Photo source: Flickr/ Jim Mix)

About the most famous, old and attractive British pubs, a special friend of mine from London, said that "One of these is The Anchor in Bankside, London. As well as reportedly being built on the site of a plague pit, several theatres were situated there during Shakespeare's time. There was also a bear-baiting pit in the pub. Our most famous diarist in history is Samuel Pepys, and he watched the Great Fire of London from the Anchor. It escaped then but has been burnt down on other occasions, the last time being 1676."

London pubs are perfect to dive for a beer either alone or with a group of friends if you're looking to explore a new place or just visiting the city!

And if you are a traveler to London and would love to make new friends and have a unique fun pub experience combined with bits of history and trivial facts while strolling around famous paths, you could join the amazing free tours (pay as you can) created by Wonders of London that walk you to 3-5 pubs:

So, time for a beer? Cheers!

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