April 01, 2017

  • April 01, 2017
Scuba diving in Malta (own photo)
Let's get ready for an amazing experience - scuba diving adventure in Malta - considered a diver's paradise and also a dream destination for underwater photography lovers!

Do you like traveling, visit new places and join outdoor activities?

Do you like to swim, feel tempted to experience scuba diving and check the absolutely breathtaking beauty of underwater world?

If you have an adventurous spirit, you have a good health/ medical condition and you are willing to learn scuba diving with a dedicated team, then Malta would be one of the best travel destinations where you can join scuba diving lessons and have your first meeting with underwater astonishing world.

Here you can come as novice or beginner and leave as an experienced certified scuba diver - advised, assisted and trained by excellent and reliable diving instructors, while using best scuba diving equipment.

So, be prepared with your first experience as scuba diver, to see and wear your scuba diving equipment (scuba diving mask, gear, fins) and eventually scuba diver watch and camera!
Underwater camera it's a must! :)

Now, can't wait for my new scuba diving experience!

Have you ever traveled to Malta?
Few words about Malta and its fascinating underwater world

Malta is a beautiful Mediterranean country formed from 3 main islands:
- Malta – the largest island from Maltese archipelago,
- Gozo – Calypso’s island,
- Comino – the smallest island known worldwide for the “Blue Lagoon”, situated in the middle of the Mediterranean sea
- and tiny Cominotto.

A perfect summer travel destination, Malta has over 7000 years of history (here you’ll have the chance to visit ancient temples), breathtaking landscapes and caves, tempting turquoise water and calm beaches, delicious gastronomy and wines, friendly inhabitants, amazing traditional fiestas, a perfect place for outdoor activities almost all year round, and all in all absolutely wonderful scenery – on ground, underground and… its exotic underwater world! :)

Malta is famous for its purest water, accessible diving sites, excellent visibility even up to 30m in deep, spectacular underwater scenery revealed among caverns and crevices, turquoise and safety waters, amazing variety of colorful underwater flora and fauna, and… the wrecks of submerged ships and plains that became shelters for various species and gives a different perception to your underwater experience, making it more tempting.

Scuba diving Malta (own photo - Frankie Gozo team)
A list with main popular dive sites in Malta - Gozo - Comino

Interested to experience scuba diving in Malta?

Here are some of the best places to dive in Malta:
- Anchor Bay,
- Blenheim Bomber,
- Carolita Barge,
- Cirkewwa Arch,
- HMS Maori,
- St. Paul’s Islands,
- The Tugboat Rozi, etc.

Gozo – in my opinion offers one of the best scuba diving experience and underwater adventure:
- Crocodile Rock & Coral Caves,
- Fungus Rock,
- Ghasri Valley,
- Il-Kantra,
- The Blue Hole and The Chimney,
- Xlendi Caves,
- Xlendi Reef, etc.

Comino & Cominotto:
- Comino Caves,
- Cominotto Reef,
- Lantern Point.

Lots of amazing places and diving sites where you can learn or apply what you already know and enjoy your scuba diving adventure in Malta and its beautiful islands surrounded by Mediterranean sea.

My scuba diving experience in Malta
My deepest appreciation for Frankie, his wonderful team and professional diving instructors at "Frankie's Gozo Diving Centre" in Gozo

My first encounter with scuba diving was about 7 years ago and was an absolutely unique and amazing experience that I’ll never forget, and will treasure always in my mind.

Prior to reach to Malta, being passionate about traveling and discovering new places, while browsing the internet I had the chance to hear about Frankie and his involvement in Maltese tourism activities. So, exchanging few messages with Frankie – owner at Frankie’s Gozo Diving Centre – I decided to take the “Maltese diving experience” and was one of the best decisions that I ever made.

Besides accommodation, most recommended travel activities around Malta (Three Islands Sailing Trip, Romantic Sunset Cruises, Combination Sailing and jeep safari, Private boat charter and Gozo jeep safaris), tailor made tours, Frankie and his team are offering also high quality dive services:
- beginners, referral, AII PADI and specialty courses,
- introduction dives in special training swimming pool, and from the beach,
- guided and unguided dives,
- shore, boat and night dives,
- scuba diving Malta,
- dive safaris.

With no previous experience with diving and anything related to this unbelievable fascinating outdoor activity, I was the perfect novice for scuba lessons, breathing underwater, submerse in deep water, and wear that heavy scuba diving gear, and due to Frankie’s scuba dive professional instructors, I passed over my fears and even got certified for diving in open waters! :))

Recommending Frankie’s Gozo Diving Centre - these people really do love what they are doing!

Experience scuba diving adventure in Malta! :)
Swimming after first scuba diving lesson in Malta :)

Dive Gozo with FRANKIE's Gozo Diving Centre Scuba diving in Malta - the most spectacular underwater adventure


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