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Is it silence in music & music in silence?

Silence - such a wonderful thing, 

so needed and welcomed when we need to relax, pay attention to a certain cause, listening to music, and give some space to our inner thoughts, moods, and deep feelings...

Considering both, silence and music, what do you think, is it silence into music and/ or music into silence?

Is silence important in music? Or music important in silence?

Music in silence
Music in silence - Pinterest JoyOverFifties

In my perception, silence is part of music, and music is part of silence - beauty and tranquility.

Most people consider both issues not quite possible but I think, by far the principle should work both ways, that it is always silence in music and music in silence.
"Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence, and silence is full of music." - Marcel Marceau
Music in silence - sounds and silence
I think that music cannot be expressed, understood, and generate a certain impact on listeners if does not have parts of silence to induce the desired mood and glistening into our souls.
To me, music is an amazing combination of silence, sounds, lyrics, and feelings…

Similar to the “color/ non-color” subject (on my other post The absence of color) that has to be there to amplify the effect of color.

In silence (especially perceived as tranquility), music is a constant presence that makes thoughts flow or simply let the spirit enjoy inner peace.

Also, silence, allows one to be an observer for surrounding things and actions listening to the sound of shapes, colors, and shadows… open the door for meditation.

Silence in music
The modern composer John Cage composed a piece of music that was called 4’33″ in which the performer sits at the instrument for four minutes and 33 seconds and does nothing so that the audience listens to the natural sounds around them and experiences music that is naturally occurring.

Regarding John Cage’ 4’33″ – no doubt that he had a great mind to be able, as a composer (which should be a sensitive person dedicated to notes, a maestro of combining sounds transforming them into a melodic line), to offer to his public plain silence instead of expected music and the result to be, in fact, a novel experience – silence metamorphosed into music.

The music itself has numerous rests in it which are part of the fabric of the music, in the same way, that when a person gives a speech they have pauses to create effect and importance and weight on certain words.
"Silence is a source of great strength." - Lao Tzu
 The modern composer John Cage wrote a piece of music called 4'33"

What do YOU think about music and silence?

Either way, one can say that if the organized sound itself is music, then wouldn’t organize silence also be music?….

Or perhaps for some people that is stretching the concept too much…..

So, what do you think? Is it silence in music and music in silence?

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