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A Norwegian culinary feeling

What about a Norwegian culinary feeling?

Food is a total pleasure and experience of all your senses, and where this might be felt utmost than in a perfect atmosphere, with a view across a scenic fjord, the scent from a crackling log fire, a beautiful room, and special company, the delicate waves sound coming from the nearby beach or the chill air from a cold winter night while being protected by a warm glow surrounded by a variety of natural scents...

Dare to experience Norwegian traditional cuisine, a flavorful journey from apple groves and salmon walking through to the mountain creeks and admiring crystal clear waters with turquoise shades or simply sitting down enjoying a delicious meal.

A lot of fun, an unbelievable taste of Norwegian homemade food or prepared by experienced chefs in cozy restaurants following traditional recipes kept secret by centuries, and one thousand flavors...

Delicious Norwegian meal
Beefsteak with caramelized onions and red wine sauce (Own photo)

Norway's culinary traditions show the influence of long seafaring and farming traditions with salmon (fresh and cured), herring (pickled or marinated), trout, codfish, and other seafood balanced by cheeses, dairy products, and loaves of bread (predominantly dark/ darker).

Tasty Norwegian fish meal
Lutefisk (Own photo)

Lefse is a Norwegian potato flatbread, usually topped with large amounts of butter and sugar, most commonly prepared around Christmas. Some traditional Norwegian dishes include lutefisk, smalahove, pinnekjøtt, baseball, and fårikål (mutton, lamb ribs, potato dumplings, and mutton stew).

While visiting Norway, enjoy a delicious flavored coffee made from the finest ingredients at a lovely cafe!
What about a moose salad and a yummy cappuccino? : )
Own photo

Make your trip unique by letting yourself loose at a cozy coffee shop or tavern, listen to traditional folk music or a modern one, as you like most, find the perfect seat with a panoramic view over a beach, a lighthouse, a majestic fjord or just watch people passing by, witness the sunset letting yourself surrounded by sounds, textures, and delicate coffee flavor.

It is said that coffee, plays an important role in Norwegian culture, Norway being the 2nd highest consumer in the world, and the traditional way of serving coffee here is plain black, in a mug.

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