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What about living in another century

Ever thought how would have been to live in another century?

Sometimes I'm wondering if I was born in the right century, and how would have been my life in another century and which era (as "moment in time") could be more suitable for me...

If it is to forget for a few moments about historical truths, and let our imagination free to dream at a perfect period and time to live in, which era would make it for you?

If you could live in any century besides the 20th or the 21st century, in other words, any time before the year 1900, when would you like to live and where?

Living in another century - Renaissance
Living in another century - Renaissance - Flickr Gastone Mappini

Here I'll expose 2 options that I may have living in:
Renaissance period.

What about you? Have you ever wonder about living in another century? And to which era your mind is leading to? And why?

Let's dream a bit about how would be living in another century! :)

1. Stone age
- the era when one could live mentally numbed, without headaches, as a very simple human being barely using its mind, mostly focusing on basic instincts and primary needs; no purpose, no special interests; no reasons for love, hate, expectations; no hopes, no dreams; no bad or bad feelings at all!

Would be a prehistoric settlement like the one from Kastoria, Prespes, Greece the best on Earth?

Living in another time period...
Wild serenity! If you could choose, would you live in another century? Listing of the answers to the question: If you could choose, would you live in another century? History Timeline of the Twentieth Century Browses through this historical timeline of the 20th century to examine each decade within this amazing century.

Living in another century - prehistoric era
Living in another century - prehistoric era - Flickr Lyda AlterEgo

2. Renaissance
- If it is to choose and go back in time, that period is, definitely, my favorite, closed to everything more or less hidden inside me.

At that time, I imagine myself, being really me, a very good friend with nature and activities in the open air, certainly involved in arts and any creative process, feeling free to express myself, my thirst for tranquility and beauty, and let loose all the senses.

In no other "era" were so many blossoming arts, so much beauty, free imagination, and sweet creativity (a bit bohemian) as then. In my opinion, no other period or current could ever equalize or compete with Renaissance!

The most delicate scents, the combination of colors, best sounds in music, lyrics, paintings/ architectural buildings, fountains, gardens come out at that time.

And for this I love Italy (in fact the mother of Renaissance) with its representative region - Tuscany - with its well-known schools of art, absolutely impressive landscapes, vineyards, and cities: Florence, Sienna, and Pisa.

And, probably mentioned before, my favorite personalities from all times (but representatives for this era) were Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci with their amazing minds and absolutely gorgeous creations, real Maestros in everything they did, touched, and left for future generations (either conscious about or not).

Do I want to live in another time!?
You see things; and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?' - George Bernard Shaw
Sometimes I'm wondering how would have been my life in another century and which era (as "moment in time") would be more suitable to live in...

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