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Constructive illusions

Constructive illusions

Illusions... could be(come) constructive?

I think the illusion is something opposite to reality and cannot be connected materially, but only mentally.

A dream (as desire) is something that can motivate someone to achieve a certain thing, and most probably has a positive side for generating constructive­ actions, to say, to motivate an individual to accomplish her/ his goals.

So, if talking about kids, for example, when they project their future in their minds to become doctors, singers, or football players, they do whatever they put in mind to reach that stage. The kids are really amazing!

Constructive illusions
Constructive illusions - Pixabay Gerd Altmann

A dream is a desire, something that one would like to be or become, without pain and damages.

While illusion is something above a dream, is a sort of fantasy, unreachable,­ untouchable,­ but usually distortin­g reality or its common perception, similar to a big lie.

An illusion is that thing that one might like to be, have or gain but it’s impossible under normal circumstance­s, and moreover when a person realizes its faked appearance and consistency is suffering tremendously – the illusion being more dangerous, slippery, and tricky compared to a simple dream.

I think the rarest times when illusion could become constructive­ is when one is lost in the desert and sees Fata Morgana bringing water… maybe then that person gets the drive to make few more steps and, finally, reach the real spring and survive.

And the other time when illusion has some chances to become constructive­ is when using this type of writing platforms on the internet, when people are exchanging thoughts, willing to socialize, express themselves in another world that the usual/ daily one, are eager to learn new things, share knowledge and wide open their inner horizons hanging on something that, in fact, maybe or lead to another illusion (as another person is not but would like to be(come) presenting herself/ himself this way to the other one… Do all these rows have any meaning?

And, if we consider the creative side, then illusion certainly is constructive­ when we’re thinking to draw optical illusions and shape our mind in another direction!
“I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is.” - Alan Wilson Watts

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