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How to get kids eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink natural juices

How to get kids to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink natural juices

I start wondering about "how to get kids to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and drink natural juices" one day when I was in a supermarket and seen a mom indulged by her toddler's cute begging face to buy some potatoes chips instead of a bag of apples, then I recalled several other similar scenes encountered at different places and occasions...

All of us know how important is a healthy diet in our daily life and how valuable to have a balanced eating habit, but how to get our kids to enjoy more fruits, vegetables, and natural juices!?

Kid eating fresh fruits
Kid eating fresh fruits - Pixabay MiltonHuallpa95

Most probably the easiest and best way to achieve this is to attract our children into a sort of every day playing the game and show them where colorful fresh fruits and vegetables are "coming from", where they are growing and when, how they are harvested, what can be made from each fruit, vegetable, the benefits of eating them raw and fresh, preparing juices and salads, or cocking them, how they can be combined to taste better, and how great they'll feel.

If it's about how to get toddlers to eat more vegetables and fruits and drink natural juices, you can easily make them love fruits and vegetables with thematic books and tales, cartoons, documentaries, coloring books, and pages, eco trips, thematic summer camps, gardening (teach them also how to plant a tree or a fruit seed), suits party, toys, lingerie, kitchen items, cooking lessons, crafting with fruits and vegetables, painting fruits and vegetables, taking photography lessons of fruits and vegetables, serving a bowl or plate with fruits in a range of sizes, colors, tastes and flavors, ice-cream, pudding, pies, sorbet.

Kids fresh fruits
Kids fresh fruits - Pixabay SilviaRita

If it's about teenagers (especially girls) you can motivate them to explain how fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as natural juices, can clear their skin and become part of their favorite diet boosting food.

So, get kids to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and drink natural juices!

Knowing that our kids are saying smart fun cuckoo things, sometimes popping up as funny questions or remarks, maybe we shall be more involved and patient to satisfy their innocent curiosities characteristic to each stage, and being aware of the importance of a healthy balanced diet in our life get kids to enjoy the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables and natural juices!

To determine your kid to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink natural juices, you can take your child into the garden, meadow, or a trip eventually with an agro-tourism/ ecotourist profile.
It is also important to explain to our children that vegetables and fruits are a wonderful result of a lot of work and time.

So, take them to see and learn with their own eyes:
- how to prepare the soil for putting seeds or young plants into the soil, watering, caring;
- how to sow (letting them have fun while spreading some seeds around) and plant a tree;
- how to harvest fruits and vegetables - how the potato or carrot is taken out from the soil, that tomatoes and strawberries are growing on small bushes, grapes from the vineyard, and apples and peaches on trees;
- how to prepare delicious food recipes from fruits and vegetables;
- how to make perfect fruits and vegetables natural juices, smoothies, cocktails, sorbet, ice-creams, or... pickles! :))
- and even teach them how to craft seasonal indoors and outdoors decorations using fruits and vegetables!

Let your kid learn about fresh fruits and vegetables while participating, getting involved, and having fun! :)

And you may be amazed at the result! :)

Kids fresh juices
Kids fresh juices - Pixabay SilviaRita

When your child will eat from fruits and vegetables cultivated by her/ him, the food will taste better and he/ she will be soooo proud of it!

So, it will be worth going further and explain to our children how is made the juice from natural fruits or vegetables, and which are the benefits.

Homemade natural juices can replace successfully fresh fruits (apple, raspberry, blueberry, banana, orange, kiwi, peach) and vegetables (carrot, tomato, celery, beetroot), maintaining all their properties while being squeezed or processed.

It is said that a healthy diet includes 5 portions per day of fruits and vegetables that are offering to our system needed vitamins and minerals, and a glass of natural juice would be a perfect replacement for a fruit or vegetable portion in a day.

So, let's teach our kids about the value of eating daily fresh tasty fruits and vegetables or drinking delicious natural juices while offering them our own example for following the same healthy diet.

Enjoy a plate of fresh fruits or vegetables and drink a glass of fresh natural juice, get vitamins, energy, a healthy system, and a large smile for the day! :)

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