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Egyptian Pyramids

Ruminating thoughts about the Egyptian Pyramids

It seems that, finally, came the time to ruminate over the topic of the Egyptian pyramids…
This is a wide topic that can be “dismantled” in so many “pieces”… but!

Certainly, after our first ancestor starts losing his hair, learned playing with fire and made use of 2 or 3 extra neurons (above ape), lost instincts despite greediness so… much possible as pyramids to be built as a sort of churches, “cosmopolitan” locations or simply for religious purposes, hiring all labor force at that time, keeping them busy without thinking.

Egyptian Pyramids
Egyptian Pyramids - Pixabay Beate Bachmann

In my sort of wild opinion, there are two possibilities: either they have been built by an ancient civilization with the highest knowledge that we have nowadays to whom some yet unknown action interfered and they succumb along the way or were built by a parallel civilization…

I cannot think of pyramids being brought up by our direct ancestors cause, obviously, are missing few links mandatory to complete a normal evolution flow, plus, apart from one from the other one, they were erected in different styles during the same period of time.

And are several questions still looking for credible responses in my mind…

So, how did they manage to build those gorgeous, majestic, and impressive pyramids, in fact, at that time?

From where that strength, whole that technology and mechanisms to lift up those billions of humongous blocks of stones?

How that all those blocks have, mostly, the same perfect shape and weight?

Why are pyramids quite isolated by any other common (archaeological) construction?

Why it is said that’s possible to see them from the Moon and outer space?

Egyptian Pyramids and camels
Egyptian Pyramids and camels - Flickr Geokyr06

After centuries of researches, it seems that we still have no idea how inner rooms were disposed inside the pyramids, why so many secret passages, tricky columns, and what they were hiding behind the walls…

Why in most of them were found mummies and their presumed dearest belongings (supposed family members and/ or goods), what was their purpose?

Why, besides numerology, if I’m not wrong, their writing symbols and early pictograms - cuneiform - are not related to any other previous or subsequent writing style and characters…

To pay a visit to Egyptian pyramids is something that I‘d really wish to experience one day - to have the opportunity to go to the real pyramids and ancient vestiges and shrines; not the ones opened for tourists, but the other ones still located in the initial place, a bit far from Nil; to have access inside, be allowed to touch cuneiform and mummies, feel those stones and old layers of dust, walk along the walls feel, listen and pay required respect to all the shadows of those intriguing spirits throughout all sunlight stages (sunrise, twilight, sunset) closing the circle passing thru moonlight and midnight.

What do you think about the Egyptian pyramids?

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