April 12, 2014

  • April 12, 2014
Norway landscape (own photo)
Yes, I love tourism and traveling! And I am always excited to discover each place’s unique beauty and treasures from history, culture, nature, outdoor activities to new and old traditions, gastronomy, legends and local fairy tales, and many more aspects that a particular place has to reveal.

And following my passion for traveling, I’ve been to Norway, the land of fjords and spectacular landscapes… twice!

First time about 2 years ago for a tour around Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden and Norway), mainly aiming Norwegian spectacular fjords and second time last year, to celebrate Christmas with a couple of friends from Oslo.

And it happened to have a “crush” on Norway from the first sight! :)

I felt suddenly attracted by its simplicity and genuine beauty – people, landscape and nature.
Besides the breathtaking view over the daring fjords, I liked those “hairy” huts especially those ones fully covered with grass and blossom wild flowers. I loved a lot that “corner” of the world, but pitifully we were in hurry at that time and had no time to take few more photos, that would be worth a lot.

It was a chilly sunny day, with fresh air, and pale traces of snow here and there, few timid tiny flowers daring to rise amongst grass, all those impressive mountains around, the thrill of few birds… I felt like in other moment of time and space… absolutely amazing!

Våridyll i Loshavn
Now, thinking at Norway made me recall one of my old dreams - to build a place, like a summer camp combined with a large garden (I love landscaping, also), where to create a sort of summer camp for children and give them the chance to use their imagination and creativity in an open place, close to nature…

where to enjoy a cozy, tidy, refreshing universe where to feel comfortable and energized in the middle of nature - to paint, sing, sculpture, take a chance for open classes of photography, bird watching, gym, and socialize.

Norway Oslo Opera (own photo)
Norway has so many absolutely amazing and perfect places where such project could be developed very successfully, moreover bring benefits and smiles especially for all those little kids with unexploited imagination that under proper conditions can blossom amazingly!

By now it’s already springtime in Norway and we should see few sun beams, birds trills, timid butterflies, dizzy little bugs rumbling around, whole nature blossoming and waken up to life welcoming new visitors!

Enjoy a wonderful lifetime experience while traveling to Norway the land of fjords and spectacular landscapes!


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