March 16, 2014

  • March 16, 2014
Compassion (Photo source: Mogantosh)
Shine the light of compassion...
If we talk about passion, certainly there is a (tempting, burning) light, which goes above shining!...

When it comes to compassion... to be able to sense it, however, means we are human (hearted), not rocks; we have senses and feelings and we experience things that have impact on us and react.

If the "light" is wisdom, patience and understanding then it may be a chance to shine especially if it's put into effect for a constructive result.

If we only are compassionable – able of compassion, then it means actual situation or reality overpasses us, we cannot do much so we realize that we're so limited (due to our own pre-set inner boundaries or by situation), for this case, then we might be double compassionate - for a particular case and for our weakness or whatever it is, as well... The light is there but has a very pale strength... eventually to "keep (us) walking"!

On the other hand, if we prefer to stay only on the secure corner/ side without taking even a symbolic action to do something in real, simply accepting to observe and be compassionable... hmmm, then certainly it is no light there!

Not talking here about people with tremendous mental illness that cannot understand what's around, criminals, senseless creatures or else with... sort of “blank” feelings.
Then we may start wondering if compassion is positive or negative? Is a quality or flaw?
I believe that compassion is a positive quality and one of the most important things in this world, that brings our inner light from inside out, and makes others feel good and valuable for us.

Yet, so many only have compassion for certain people in certain situations. And some people seem to have all their natural compassion driven from their minds and hearts by greed and opportunism.

We do need to see demonstrated compassion on a daily basis in this life. After all, what we all really have is each other. And without other humans to share (our) life with, to show compassion to, to grow with, then existence is a feeble thing anyway.

I like to consider that, being able of compassion, means to be able to be alive (in and out), feel, sense and share, means to care and, eventually, offer the best part of us to the one in need, no matter if a parent, our friend, colleague or a perfect stranger.

What do you think? How you, dear reader, perceive compassion?


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