March 16, 2014

  • March 16, 2014
How to become likeable (Photosource: Hellogiggles)
Willing to know how to be or become a more likeable person?Are you wondering sometimes if you are a likeable person?

How to get someone to like you? And how to get people to like you?
No doubt that, as social people, all of us need to be likeable and know that, at least a part from all people around us, do enjoy our presence no matter the place and time, are feeling comfortable being with us, and we always put a smile on their faces.

And this counts a lot because you can look into the other' eyes like a day with good weather, the one that improves the stamina, makes us more happy and bright in and out!

To be a likeable person first you should - Love yourself and be friend with your own self! - and then socialize, listen, pay attention to the others, learn, understand, be empathic, care, share and... become a survivor and a likeable person!

Now, let's find out some tips for how to become a more likeable person and how to feel better in your own skin while surrounded by people!

- To become likeable is a long term project and a way of living.
And the most important step forward to achieve this is to love our person and be friend with our own self! Of course, in a normal and decent way, without going to extreme! :)
Be yourself, not anybody else.

Make friends - real friends!

Always keep a smile on your face, never forget to say "hello" and greet people met in your way, be considerate, direct, reliable, optimistic and tonic.

Remember names, birthdays, name days, anniversaries, special occasions important to for people around you (family, friends, colleagues, etc).

Be spontaneous and surprising (in a positive way), take initiative for common projects, pay attention to what others need or how they do react, so be empathic - as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin.

And no pretending, no gossip or bad words!
- All of us wish as people around to like us, make friends easy and improve our professional relationships, but if this is not a genuine natural inherited capability, then... it requires some work from our side to achieve it.

So, the basic steps to be(come) a (more) likeable person would be:
1. To always keep a natural smile on your face and show a positive attitude,
2. Never forget to say "hello" and greet people met in your way,
3. Remember the names of (new) person that you meet - all of us do appreciate when the other one remembers our name,
4. Listen to what people met have to say, open a conversation, make eye contact (even if you are shy - is nothing to lose), and show interest on respective topic or conversation,
5. Be respectful but not cold or condescending when an argument may occur - better try to discuss about, present your point of view, listen to the other one's as well, and eventually find a solution,
6. Be considerate, direct, reliable, optimistic and tonic,
7. Remember birthdays, name days, anniversaries, special occasions important to for people around you (family, friends, colleagues, etc).
- This is another challenging task for us, and if learning few easy steps, would become soon a valuable skill.

The best way is to become likeable is to:
1. Empathize, pay attention to the other one and be sincere.
2. Then learn to have a positive attitude and interact following few simple steps:
- pay attention, be considerate and be helpful - get involved with the other person needs, without neglecting your priorities, showing that you're honestly caring and want to be supportive (without being humble or servant, make a good thing offering pleasure to yourself and to the other person),
- ask questions, get involved and find common topics, hobbies or acquaintances - simple things that (without being intrusive) will boost your conversation and make you become really likeable in the other one's eyes,
- also, open up (a bit) about yourself - share passions, interests, dreams or plans - watch the other one's reaction and see which topic should be followed to have a common subject or get her/ his interest to discuss further,
- try to spend more (quality) time together, make plans, go to a date, a walk around or a short trip, join an exhibition or theater show, anything that may bring pleasure and is done with no pressure or sort of obligation.
3. Make sincere compliments now and then - they always count for all of us, and bring sparkles in the eyes!


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