May 09, 2013

  • May 09, 2013
fish egg salad (own photo)
If you're waiting for some special guests and would like to treat them with something very tasty but different, chose egg fish as appetizer! Homemade fish egg salad would be a great choice for a "fishy appetizer" that will spread a "marine spirit" that, definitely, will make your guests feel very special!

I'll be glad to share with you the "fish-egg salad Romanian fisherman's recipe" - most probably the best egg fish salad recipe ever - got from my grandfather, an amateur fisherman passionate about cooking and inventing new incredible but absolutely mouth-watering recipes occasionally from scratch : )

Egg fish salad (salata de icre) is the perfect starter (hors d'oeuvre or antipasto) - at special celebrations and occasions, as well at regular family and friends gathering and parties.
Fish egg salad is healthy (if not eaten in big amounts), nutricious, rich in vitamin A, C, and D, Omega 3 and many other needed and beneficial to our system.

Let's have fun going fishing with friends then prepare the egg-fish freshly taken from our fishes or simply buy some form the market, follow the unbelievable easy steps to make fish egg salad Romanian recipe.

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked." Bernard Meltzer

Easy to make delicious egg fish salad Romanian fisherman's recipe (reteta salata de icre) for your entire family and friends, a special weekend, a fancy party or else. Fish-eggs salad is quite a common starter in Mediterranean cuisine, as you may have heard about or even taste the Greek taramosalata (or Greek taramas), similar to Romanian recipe but different (a yummy starter that has more bread or, potato, vinegar and tomatoes instead).
Fish eggs - can be found roe or caviar.

Roe - are fertilized eggs used mostly for preparing sushi.
Caviar - are unfertilized eggs served as food (salads, aperitifs).

"I only eat fish - no chicken, no turkey, just fish. I get all my protein from fish and egg whites." - Jack LaLanne

fish egg salad (own photo)
Fish eggs salad will be the perfect course for:

- birthdays, weddings, Christmas,
- even St. Patrick Day (decorated with 2 more leaves of parsley, eventually with green olives and a funny toy on top),
Halloween egg fish (drawing a spider, owl or witch broomstick from black olives),or any other occasion when you feel like for a "fishy themed" aperitif. :)

In Romania, you can find the best fish eggs salad in Danube Delta fishing villages, where old fishermen bring to you fresh fishes prepared every each way following their traditional family recipes kept secret by years.

Worth to experience the amazing beauty of Danube Delta and local Romanian fisherman gastronomy!

- Always, but always use fresh ingredients
- Do not use olive oil - if it's not a good brand may turn the salad taste bitter
- Do not overdue it adding oil - put only as much as needed and tastes great
- Do not eat big amount at once
- Store it into the refrigerator covered (to don't take or spread a funny smell around).
It is said that 1 tbs. of fish eggs contains between 20 to 50 calories.

They are a perfect source for: protein, fat, carbohydrates, Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins (A, C, D), minerals (iron, sodium), and mercury(pregnant women should be cautious about eating them).

"When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain." Mark Twain


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