August 27, 2014

  • August 27, 2014
Random thoughts (Photo source: Talentc)
My random thoughts to the world :)

After we meet some wrong persons along our journey thru life, we start dreaming to find the right ones and, if we’re lucky enough to find them, sometimes, we may not be able to understand how grateful to be for such a gift.
Then, are coming those moments when we just want to pick them up from our dreams and meet them in real!

If you allow suspicion influence your thoughts without solid facts… your mind gets so easily trapped and poisoned.

Enthusiasm is followed by disappointment and even depression, and then by renewed enthusiasm.” - Murray Gell-Mann

I consider that one could get disappointed only if has certain expectation instead of taking things as they are.

In this case, is disappointment generated by expectations in regard to our own person or people around us?

Devotion does not care about what would be tomorrow!
It is a feeling beyond us, an inner desire for truth against indifference, strength and weakness, willingness for sacrifice and belonging, respect for a particular idea, taking risks and facing doubts for that single strong belief.

Isn’t it interesting how most things that we dream about and we are prepared to encounter in our life may never happen or, if they happen, they disappoint us so badly either by result or getting us tired to wait for them for too long; while, the best things in life are coming, always, unexpected and without prior notice, offering to us so much joy if... we are able to understand what’s happening at that unique moment and we can cope with that.

Does indifference­ grant security?
I would think that indifference could grant distance, but total indifference would mean the total lack of feeling. It is not human nature to live without feelings. Perhaps we use limited indifference to filter the feelings. But is there any such thing as security?

If one is truly indifferent to his status, for example, does this mean he doesn't need the same kind of security that others need?  I suppose in the end it depends on what kind security we are talking about.

I think that, in a true friendship you are there for the other one even when you'd rather be anywhere else.

Without wearing any mask, you are honest and care to listen to your friend, offer mental support, bring a smile, and always keep your word.

Friendship is a two-sided way that gives a new life while opening horizons (in and out)!


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