March 16, 2014

  • March 16, 2014
Going to school on a budget - stationery (own photo)
With latest crisis influence that affected most of us, constant prices increment, kids going back to school shortly, you are wondering what should be done and how to go back to school on a budget!?

Being close to my family and used to work like a team on every single thing that is affecting us from inside or outside our small universe, with calm and friendly approach (playing, joking and recycling as much possible), I'm sure that all it takes is a good communication with all family members, open discussion, listening, understanding, planning, all like a team.

It's not easy but, also, not very complicated if you're considering my 9 tips for going back to school on budget, enclosed below.

When all details are clarified and settled, take your family for shopping to share activities, make them all be aware and responsible but don't miss to have fun, as well (invite them all to a movie theater and popcorn , an ice-cream, order pizza, throw a small party, make a burger or bbq, prepare them a special meal - anything to celebrate your common achievement), while preparing for going back to school on budget! :)

Thinking about going back to school on a budget I tried to consider main aspects related to this issue and come up with following 9 tips that hope to help all moms in the world:

- Discuss with your husband/ wife about his/ her contribution and opinions for this aspect,
- Have an open discussion with your kid or children about their needs and desired items to start the school,
- Check the school supply list,
- Verify eventual old school supplies that you already may have into the house, and reuse them, whenever possible,
- Recycle (recycle, recycle!) and/ or sell old school supplies not useful anymore for your grown kid,
- Check for sales and coupons on nearby stores and supermarkets this period, for school clothing, stationery and accessories offers (and ask for eventual extra discount for buying all needed items from the same place), - Make a budget plan for coming period of time based on family members priorities including the share for school supplies,
- Schedule your income considering mandatory and optional things that need to be bought,
- Make sure what items not to buy.

Going to school on a budget - stationery (own photo)
Usual back to school supply shopping list for kids including for children with special needs (autism, mental retardation and multiple disabilities):

- School books and notebooks, pencil boxes, pens, pencils, paper, binder, glue, crayons, etc,
- Pocket charts and activity walls, arts and crafts items,
- Games, puzzles, language tools,
- Backpacks, book bags,
- Computers and educational software,
- School clothing - cloths, shoes, snickers,
- Furniture items for kids with special needs,
- Computers, devices and programs for children with special needs,
- Healthy school lunches, meals and fresh juice source.

Have open discussions with your children and explain them the effort to buy new things, how important is to take care of their belongings and avoid wasting, as they use them and to put them away together after each use.


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