March 16, 2014

  • March 16, 2014
Mici - Romanian grilled burgers
Hmmm, while visiting Romania you'll definitely be delighted to taste some juicy, 

tender, perfectly grilled burgers, with such a tempting flavor surrounding you and triggering your senses from afar, prepared following the best traditional Romanian recipe for "mici"! And nothing can taste better, if cooked properly!

If you are a food lover and enjoy cooking and international cuisine, you may fall in love with "mici" - this delicious traditional Romanian food served especially during outdoors family and friends gatherings, back yards, at barbeques, picnics and tavernas.

Mititei romanesti/ grilled burgers (meat rolls), are the perfect meal and one favorite thing to eat at times when everybody feels comfortable and like to eat something very simple but so tasty and juicy, cheer a glass of beer and share few moments together...

You can enjoy eating the Romanian grilled meat rolls anytime as part of our day to day or funny moments in life, when we are taking part to unique holidays, special events, occasions or celebrations.

Let's have fun while cooking mici (mititei romanesti) - Romanian grilled burgers (meat rolls) following this perfect recipe!

mititei la gratar (grilled burgers)
Ingredients for mititei - grilled burgers (meat rolls) - Romanian recipe:
- 2 lbs. lean ground pork
- 2 lbs. lean ground beef
- 2 tsp. fine chopped garlic
- 1/2 tsp. ground allspice
- 1/4 tsp. crumbled dried thyme
- 1 1/2 tsp. salt
- 1/8 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
- vegetable oil
- and just a tiny, tiny pinch of cinnamon (if you like - it turns to a delicious unexpected flavored taste)

Mici - Romanian grilled burgers preparation:
- Combine all ingredients excepting the oil in a deep bowl
- Stir well until all ingredients are well blended together and add seasonings as you like
- Divide the mixture into about 20 - 30 equal portions and roll one by one one giving them a cylinder shape (about 3 1/2 inches long and 1 inch thick) moistening your hands with cold water as you proceed
- Grill them on the open grill (for picnic), the one for oven or at highest setting for about 8 minutes. Carefully, turn them every few minutes until they are crispy and brown on all sides.
Serve them immediately with a spoon of mustard aside, fried potatoes and fresh cabbage salad.

The top secret for any delicious recipe is to use always only fresh and best quality ingredients.

So, better less food, but fresh ingredients, washed thoroughly, clean devices, no salt in excess, shared love for cooking, and... a large, large smile! :)

Have you start wondering lately "what if my child is an EMO "?

Or asking yourself "how should I approach my emo teen"? Are you looking at your kid and feel that lately something have been changed with your sweet child that you knew before?

You've start noticing the lack of communication, no more shared moments together, no secrets, no best friends anymore?Does your child start wearing strange clothing style, has long fringe covering her/ his beautiful eyes, start putting dark make-up, be accessorized with Gothic symbols, listening to different music and become less sociable?
Maybe the child wants to be accepted into a certain group, to be cool and get the attention, or maybe all of these...

Even if it may sound weird, but to be part of an Emo group or movement, it makes her/ him feel that belongs to her/ his friends, and also helps to be different than others, and reconfirm the fact that is a unique and special person.

And sometimes, the critiques got from you or from people around could be wanted and somehow expected, even if she/ he does not recognize this, cause for a teenager, any kind of attitude, including negative reactions, is better than indifference.

Are these few signs that your child is turning to "Emo" and you should be worried about or is just a fashion style that soon will fade away?

So, are you a parent with Emo children ?

Are you asking yourself my child is an Emo or not? What shall I do to accept, understand and protect her/ him?

Wondering what means emo?
We hear so often lately in mass media about a sort of trend amongst young people - Emo kids, emo makeup, emo style, emo music - they are all characteristics of a newly developed lifestyle quite similar to the hippie style from 70'.

The word "emo" comes actually from "emotional" and is mainly used for describing a musical trend from the United States. Emo started from listening to a type of music called emo-music , then was complemented by wearing dark clothes, skinny jeans, androgynous makeup around the eyes (smoky eyes), piercings, and hairstyles that covers almost the entire front face and head.

The real reason for concern is not the fashion style or music, but the sadness and moody behavior adopted by teenagers.

They look depressed, "broke" in front of the entire world and sometimes seems to encourage suicidal attempts, and for this reason parents, friends and teachers should be aware of and do their best to protect and motivate the kid with positive thinking, love, joy and happiness.

First of all, do not forget that sometimes parents omit to consider their child's feelings, are not really listening to what the kids have to say, and often are not accepting them even when they're trying to correct so said odd behavior.

Even if you notice some changes in your child do remember to listen to her/ him first, and... that you have been like her/ him at your youth, as well.

Remember that for you, too, your friends' opinion was more important than your parents or close relatives, and the last ones were not always totally agreeing with your choices or decisions at that time.

Think a bit at what you wouldn't wished your parents to tell you then and do not step on same paths with your own children.

So, do not become over protective or suffocate them with your presence or worries - this cannot be totally avoided when you care but can be applied in a smart way!

Try to be more open, watch them from afar, and soon you'll see that you'll win again their trust. Then, little by little, when they'll confide again in you, you may find out what is motivating them for such believes, which is the psychological need behind their behavior, and the drive to be part of that group - the need to be accepted, the need to get upfront, anything to prove?

When you win your child's trust and you're able to handle things as good as possible, you can talk to her/ him, show your appreciation and love, tell her/ him how much you appreciate the courage to be different, help her/ him to see things from a new angle and get a different perception.

All it takes is good communication and understand the fact that each one of you belong to different generations, and your kid has to learn, adapt and survive into her/ his (new) world (present and future), not yours (past and present).

If you think that you have an Emo child here are 2 possible ways to build a bridge for communication:

1. Protect your child!
Even if your kid's new fashion style (clothing, make up, hair cut) looks strange to you and you disagree with her/ his type of music or friends look and behavior, better try to calm down without express yourself upfront, while adopting a "cool" approach.

Many psychological studies are stating that whenever you disapprove their boundaries to a certain group/ movement, that will become even more attractive or addictive to one individual, while you should maintain a protective attitude and be supportive.

So, first of all you shall do your best to understand your child. At first sight, whatever she/ he might doing lately could sound weird to you and quite revolting, but if you have time and patience to discuss about it and find out more about your child's desire to be(come) a part of such group, and what means this for her/ him, everything could show to you from a different perspective, and you may realize that is nothing so bad as it seemed on the beginning.

You may be surprised even more understanding that you have common believes, values, desires and dreams, the only difference being the generations "distance" and chosen paths to achieve things in life - new era, new fashion, different aspect and approach.
It's all about understanding, love and communication!

2. When you should interfere and when is the time to take real action?
If you keep a close eye on your teen and notice that this "Emo stage" is only for a while, and are no other serious effects (for example: using bad words, unsafe sexual relationships, taking drugs, cheating, stealing, robbing, drinking alcohol or else), and feel that you can count on her/ him and trust further, give her/ him some space and let behave as pleased.

When there's no (more) pressure from you, you may be surprised to see that your kid will soon decide on her/ his own whether or not to continue, or to renounce such attitudes. They will further decide whether the group they've chosen is suitable for her/ him.

In case you see that things are getting worse and you've lost communication, you may ask for specialized consultancy (medical care and therapists, special programs offered in schools, etc).

If you notice that his environment drowns her/ him down and you have concrete reasons, ask her/ his (new) friends/ group to let her/ him alone, and you still see no difference and recovery, then you shall ask for authorities assistance.

This is a very sensitive issue, so, be brave, play smart and everything will be just fine!
In today's popular culture, being emo is just as cool as being a beatnik was in the 1960s. Emo culture revolves around music, knowing your emotional landscape and not being afraid to flaunt it, not to mention having great hair. The following are a few steps to get you emo.

Always keep a close contact with your child!
Never let her/ him feel lonely, misunderstood or abused.

Make common plans, share activities and moments, show your love, talk to her/ him like with another mature person, treat her/ him nicely and as an equal, and it should be a long term win-win cause.

Compassion (Photo source: Mogantosh)
Shine the light of compassion...
If we talk about passion, certainly there is a (tempting, burning) light, which goes above shining!...

When it comes to compassion... to be able to sense it, however, means we are human (hearted), not rocks; we have senses and feelings and we experience things that have impact on us and react.

If the "light" is wisdom, patience and understanding then it may be a chance to shine especially if it's put into effect for a constructive result.

If we only are compassionable – able of compassion, then it means actual situation or reality overpasses us, we cannot do much so we realize that we're so limited (due to our own pre-set inner boundaries or by situation), for this case, then we might be double compassionate - for a particular case and for our weakness or whatever it is, as well... The light is there but has a very pale strength... eventually to "keep (us) walking"!

On the other hand, if we prefer to stay only on the secure corner/ side without taking even a symbolic action to do something in real, simply accepting to observe and be compassionable... hmmm, then certainly it is no light there!

Not talking here about people with tremendous mental illness that cannot understand what's around, criminals, senseless creatures or else with... sort of “blank” feelings.
Then we may start wondering if compassion is positive or negative? Is a quality or flaw?
I believe that compassion is a positive quality and one of the most important things in this world, that brings our inner light from inside out, and makes others feel good and valuable for us.

Yet, so many only have compassion for certain people in certain situations. And some people seem to have all their natural compassion driven from their minds and hearts by greed and opportunism.

We do need to see demonstrated compassion on a daily basis in this life. After all, what we all really have is each other. And without other humans to share (our) life with, to show compassion to, to grow with, then existence is a feeble thing anyway.

I like to consider that, being able of compassion, means to be able to be alive (in and out), feel, sense and share, means to care and, eventually, offer the best part of us to the one in need, no matter if a parent, our friend, colleague or a perfect stranger.

What do you think? How you, dear reader, perceive compassion?

Understanding (Photo source: Fra.Europa.Eu)
Understanding - instinctive or learned?
What do you think, is understanding a natural thing or is it learned along the way?

I think there are different levels of understanding that are evident in different people, and in different cultures. 

Certainly, I think some of it has to be instinctive, something we are born with. 

"Common sense" is a type of understanding, a rationale that we use to see basic ideas are valid or invalid, whether they are ideas related to mundane daily matters such as "does it make sense to go the store today for bread if we already have 3 loaves in our panty", or whether they related to significant moral and ethical issues such as "is it right to steal that loaf of bread whether or not we have loaves in our pantry".

Then of course there is "factual" understanding, being able to understand and comprehend facts of a scientific nature, of a mathematical nature. Then there is also artistic and emotional understanding.

All of these things are related to intelligence and instinct. I think to draw a line and say that begins at one point rather than another is a rather specious argument.

Instinct, which I link it to genetic memory, is something that is the basis for much of our intelligence. Yet we, also, learn things along the way and develop new instincts, or one could call them psychological or emotional reflexes instead, perhaps. In any way it is viewed, I deem one has to conclude that both instinct and learning are part of understanding, part of intelligence.

Now, "understanding" has to be defined as more than simply knowing a fact. It is knowing how to use that fact to one's benefit, or to the benefit of society. 

We "understand" that are there are multiple ways in which a fact or a process can be used. Animals do much the same thing, and it's even been that many animals learn new behavior that then becomes instinctive as it is passed on to the descendants. One could argue that this then becomes part of genetic memory.  Certainly, in the history of the world we see an increase in our ability to understand and learn and memorize and apply information and news processes from one generation to the next through the eons.

Do this mean, then, that all understanding eventually resides in the instinctive parts of our brains?

Or is there something different at work?  Certainly, it has been proven that DNA can actually change during the life of an organism. Does our DNA, our foundation genetic makeup, actually then change as a result of what we learn, and then what we learn becomes instinctive?

My perspective is that is exactly what happens, either in our brains or in our DNA, or someplace. I see evidence all the time of new learned behaviors. And this, also, shows up in increased ability or capacity to understand things, especially intangible things.

The adage “one grows wiser with age” is certainly true of many things in life, maybe not always factual things but, certainly, things that require thought and analysis and evaluation and judgment, things that require an evaluative response rather than something as mundane as balancing a checkbook for our bank account.

So, to sum up, I think the evidence shows understanding is learned AND instinctive, and that, in fact, what is learned over the course of a life eventually becomes instinctive.
And I presume this topic can be discussed from a variety of viewpoints.

Going to school on a budget - stationery (own photo)
With latest crisis influence that affected most of us, constant prices increment, kids going back to school shortly, you are wondering what should be done and how to go back to school on a budget!?

Being close to my family and used to work like a team on every single thing that is affecting us from inside or outside our small universe, with calm and friendly approach (playing, joking and recycling as much possible), I'm sure that all it takes is a good communication with all family members, open discussion, listening, understanding, planning, all like a team.

It's not easy but, also, not very complicated if you're considering my 9 tips for going back to school on budget, enclosed below.

When all details are clarified and settled, take your family for shopping to share activities, make them all be aware and responsible but don't miss to have fun, as well (invite them all to a movie theater and popcorn , an ice-cream, order pizza, throw a small party, make a burger or bbq, prepare them a special meal - anything to celebrate your common achievement), while preparing for going back to school on budget! :)

Thinking about going back to school on a budget I tried to consider main aspects related to this issue and come up with following 9 tips that hope to help all moms in the world:

- Discuss with your husband/ wife about his/ her contribution and opinions for this aspect,
- Have an open discussion with your kid or children about their needs and desired items to start the school,
- Check the school supply list,
- Verify eventual old school supplies that you already may have into the house, and reuse them, whenever possible,
- Recycle (recycle, recycle!) and/ or sell old school supplies not useful anymore for your grown kid,
- Check for sales and coupons on nearby stores and supermarkets this period, for school clothing, stationery and accessories offers (and ask for eventual extra discount for buying all needed items from the same place), - Make a budget plan for coming period of time based on family members priorities including the share for school supplies,
- Schedule your income considering mandatory and optional things that need to be bought,
- Make sure what items not to buy.

Going to school on a budget - stationery (own photo)
Usual back to school supply shopping list for kids including for children with special needs (autism, mental retardation and multiple disabilities):

- School books and notebooks, pencil boxes, pens, pencils, paper, binder, glue, crayons, etc,
- Pocket charts and activity walls, arts and crafts items,
- Games, puzzles, language tools,
- Backpacks, book bags,
- Computers and educational software,
- School clothing - cloths, shoes, snickers,
- Furniture items for kids with special needs,
- Computers, devices and programs for children with special needs,
- Healthy school lunches, meals and fresh juice source.

Have open discussions with your children and explain them the effort to buy new things, how important is to take care of their belongings and avoid wasting, as they use them and to put them away together after each use.

kid fresh fruit (Photo source: My Hudson County)
I start wondering about "how to get kids to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and drink natural juices" one day when I was in a super-market and seen a mom indulged by her toddler's cute begging face to buy some potatoes chips instead a bag of apples, then I recalled several other similar scenes encountered at different places and occasions...

All of us know how important is a healthy diet in our daily life and how valuable to have a balanced eating habit, but how to get our kids to enjoy more fruits, vegetables and natural juices !?

Most probably the easiest and best way to achieve this is to attract our children into a sort of every day playing game and show them where fruits and vegetables are "coming from", where they are growing and when, how they are harvest, what can be made from each fruit, vegetable, the benefits of eating them raw and fresh, preparing juices and salads, or cocking them, how they can be combined to taste better, and how great they'll feel.

If it's about how to get toddlers to eat more vegetables and fruits and drink natural juices , you can easily make them love fruits and vegetables with thematic books and tales, cartoons, documentaries, coloring books and pages, eco trips, thematic summer camps, gardening (teach them also how to plant a tree or a fruit seed), suits party, toys, lingerie, kitchen items, cooking lessons, crafting with fruits and vegetables, painting fruits and vegetables, taking photography lessons of fruits and vegetables, or else.

If it's about teenagers (especially girls) you can motivate them explaining how fresh fruits and vegetables as well as natural juices can clear their skin and become part of their favorite diet boosting food.

So, get kids eat fresh fruits, vegetables and drink natural juices!

Knowing that our kids are saying smart fun cuckoo things, sometimes popping up as funny questions or remarks, maybe we shall be more involved and patient to satisfy their innocent curiosities characteristic to each stage, and being aware of the importance of a healthy balanced diet in our life get kids to enjoy the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables and natural juices !

To determine your kid to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink natural juices, you can take your child into the garden, meadow or a trip eventually with agrotouristic profile.
It is also important to explain to our children that vegetables and fruits are the wonderful result of a lot of work and time.

So, take them to see and learn with their own eyes:
- how to prepare the soil for putting seeds or young plants into the soil, watering, caring;
- how to sow (letting them have fun while spreading some seeds around) and plant a tree;
- how to harvest fruits and vegetables - how the potato or carrot is taken out from soil, that tomatoes and strawberries are growing on small bushes, grapes from vineyard, and apples and peaches on trees;
- how to prepare delicious food recipes from fruits and vegetables;
- how to make perfect fruits and vegetable natural juices, smoothies, cocktails, sorbet, ice-creams or... pickles! :))
- and even teach them how to craft seasonal indoors and outdoors decorations using fruits and vegetables !

Let your kid learn about fresh fruits and vegetables while participating, getting involved and having fun! :)

And you may be amazed with the result! :)

When your child will eat from fruits and vegetables cultivated by her/ him, the food will taste better and he/ she will be soooo proud!

So, it will be worth to go further and explain to our children how is made the juice from natural fruits or vegetables, and which are the benefits.

Homemade natural juices can replace successfully fresh fruits and vegetables, maintaining all their properties while being squeezed or processed.

It is said that a healthy diet includes 5 portions per day of fruits and vegetables that are offering to our system needed vitamins and minerals, and a glass of natural juice would be a perfect replacement for a fruit or vegetable portion in a day.

So, let's teach our kids about the value of eating daily fresh tasty fruits and vegetables or drinking delicious natural juices, while offering them our own example for following the same healthy diet.

Enjoy a plate of fresh fruits or vegetables and drink a glass of fresh natural juice, get vitamins, energy, a healthy system and a large smile for the day! :)

Fascinating Botswana (own photo)
Fascinating Botswana - in southern part of Africa - is always waiting to be discovered from its wildlife, fauna and flora, to interesting people, local traditions - enjoying daily tours and safari trips.

Botswana is the wide African land of harsh contrasts, from waterways of the world's largest delta - Okavango Delta - with the shifty channels of Zambezi river and glassy lagoons, to the moonscapes of the greatest ancient desert - Kalahari, the Savute dry river channel where one can see herds of elephants in surrounding grassland, and to the South of Kalahari desert, the remote bushmen' home places.

Botswana is a vacation destination where you will feel good, enjoying refreshing holidays in its cities, villages or venues, friendly lodges indulging the holiday guest with thrilling evening entertainment and delicious traditional meals, no matter whether it is nature, old traditions, culture, sports or events - your holiday culminates in a great mood and enriched spirit.
Whatever is your selected destination here, no doubt that you'll enjoy visiting the finest sights and finding the most suitable accommodation, either as individual traveler or joining a group.

Fascinating Botswana (Photo: Lucian Coman - private collection)
In Botswana, holiday adventure is made from mere outdoor activities and transformed into experience, discover untamed beauty of nature in hiking boots or on the seat of a jeep, sense the sun beams on your skin and feel the scent from animals and wild vegetation while enjoying jeep safaris or cross country tours, wonderful moments for the whole family.
Visit Botswana, the diversity of spectacular landscapes offered by forest, river, mountain and desert, the pallet of wildly vivid colors and animal life creates the best destination for safari off the beaten path.

And choosing Botswana, and especially Okavango Delta, as your travel destination, it will make your perfect vacation to enjoy jeep safari and wildlife experience.

Stephen Lewis quote about Africa - "All I know is that every time I go to Africa, I am shaken to my core."

Fascinating Botswana Impala (own photo)
Wiki about Botswana - The Republic of Botswana (Tswana: Lefatshe la Botswana), is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. The citizens are referred to as "Batswana" (singular: Motswana). Formerly the British protectorate of Bechuanaland, Botswana adopted its new name after becoming independent within the Commonwealth on 30 September 1966. It has held free and fair democratic elections since independence.

Botswana is flat, and up to 70% is covered by the Kalahari Desert. It is bordered by South Africa to the south and southeast, Namibia to the west and north, and Zimbabwe to the northeast. Its border with Zambia to the north is poorly defined but at most is a few hundred meters long.

A mid-sized country of just over two million people, Botswana is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Botswana was one of the poorest countries in Africa when it gained independence from Britain in 1966, with a GDP per capita of about US$70. Botswana has since transformed itself, becoming one of the fastest-growing economies in the world to a GDP (purchasing power parity) per capita of about $14,000. The country also has a strong tradition as a representative democracy.
While visiting Botswana one has the chance to see a large variety of animals and flora, and enjoy their beauty in natural environment.

Botswana Ostrich (own photo)
African Hoopoe, African Openbill, African Skimmer, African Spoonbill, Arrow Marked Babbler, Barbet (crested), Bateleur, Crimson-Breasted Shrike, Egret (great white), European Bee-Eater, Greater Flamingo, Hamerkop, Heron (grey), Hornbill (Southern yellow billed), Ibis (Hadeda), Kestrel (Greater), Giant Kingfisher, Kingfisher (Pled), Kite (Yellow billed), Lappet Faced Vulture, Lilac-Breasted Roller, Long-tailed Paradise-Whydah, Night jar (Rufouscheeked), Northern Black Korhaan, Orange-breasted Bush-Shrike, Ostrich, Owl (spotted eagle), Plover (Blacksmith), Red Chested Cuckoo, Vulture (Whitbacked), Short-clawed Lark, Slaty Egret, Southern Carmine Bee-eater, Violet Barked Starling, Wattled Crane, Woodland Kingfisher.

Aardvark (Antbear), Aardwolf, African wildcat, Baboon (Chakma), Bat-Eared Fox, Buffalo, Bushbuck, Caracal, Cheetah, Duiker (Grey), Eland, Elephant, Gemsbok, Genet (spotted), Giraffe, Hartebeest (red), Hippopotamus, Hyena (brown), Hyrax, Impala, Jackal (black-backed), Klipspringer, Kudu, Leopard, Lion, Mongoose, Monkey (velvet), Pangolin, Porcupine, Reedbuck (mountain), Rhinoceros (white), Steenbok, Warthog, Waterbuck, Wildebeest (blue), Zebra (Burchells).

Black Mamba, Cape Cobra, Cobra (Mozambique spitting), Crocodile (Nile), Gecko, Lizard (Rock Monitor), Puff Adder, Python (African Rock), Terrapin (Pond), Tortoise (Leopard), etc.

African Mangosteen, Baobab, Camel Thorn, Marula, Mopane, Real Fan Palm, Sausage Tree, Sycamore Fig Tree, Wild Date Palm, etc.

Botswana Mochudi village cooking (own photo)

Monuments and historic sites in Botswana:
Botswana is a spectacular African country rich in unique monuments consisting in sacred sites, tombs and caves, and sight seeing attractions.

Monuments in Botswana:
- Domboshaba
- Gcwihaba
- Kolobeng
- Lekhubu
- Majojo
- Mamuno Monument (Kangumene Rock Engravings)
- Manyana Rock Paintings Shelter
- Matsieng
- Old Palapye
- Tsodilo Hills

Tourist attractions, Museums, National Parks and Game Reserves in Botswana:
- Gaborone Game Reserve
- Manyana Rock Paintings
- Mokolodi Nature Reserve
- Livingstone Memorial - Kolobeng
- Khama Rhino Sanctuary
- Moremi Gorge
- Tswapong Hills
- Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
- Khutse Game Reserve
- Kubu Island
- Makgadikgadi Pans National Park
- Chobe National Park
- Chobe River
- Kasane Hot Springs
- Gchwihaba (Drotsky's) Caves
- Linyati, Selinda and Kwando
- Maun Educational Park
- Moremi Game Reserve
- Nhabe Museum
- Okavango Delta, and many others unique sites.

Botswana Gaborone Art (own photo)
Maya Angelou quote about Africa - "For Africa to me... is more than a glamorous fact. It is a historical truth. No man can know where he is going unless he knows exactly where he has been and exactly how he arrived at his present place."

How to become likeable (Photosource: Hellogiggles)
Willing to know how to be or become a more likeable person?Are you wondering sometimes if you are a likeable person?

How to get someone to like you? And how to get people to like you?
No doubt that, as social people, all of us need to be likeable and know that, at least a part from all people around us, do enjoy our presence no matter the place and time, are feeling comfortable being with us, and we always put a smile on their faces.

And this counts a lot because you can look into the other' eyes like a day with good weather, the one that improves the stamina, makes us more happy and bright in and out!

To be a likeable person first you should - Love yourself and be friend with your own self! - and then socialize, listen, pay attention to the others, learn, understand, be empathic, care, share and... become a survivor and a likeable person!

Now, let's find out some tips for how to become a more likeable person and how to feel better in your own skin while surrounded by people!

- To become likeable is a long term project and a way of living.
And the most important step forward to achieve this is to love our person and be friend with our own self! Of course, in a normal and decent way, without going to extreme! :)
Be yourself, not anybody else.

Make friends - real friends!

Always keep a smile on your face, never forget to say "hello" and greet people met in your way, be considerate, direct, reliable, optimistic and tonic.

Remember names, birthdays, name days, anniversaries, special occasions important to for people around you (family, friends, colleagues, etc).

Be spontaneous and surprising (in a positive way), take initiative for common projects, pay attention to what others need or how they do react, so be empathic - as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin.

And no pretending, no gossip or bad words!
- All of us wish as people around to like us, make friends easy and improve our professional relationships, but if this is not a genuine natural inherited capability, then... it requires some work from our side to achieve it.

So, the basic steps to be(come) a (more) likeable person would be:
1. To always keep a natural smile on your face and show a positive attitude,
2. Never forget to say "hello" and greet people met in your way,
3. Remember the names of (new) person that you meet - all of us do appreciate when the other one remembers our name,
4. Listen to what people met have to say, open a conversation, make eye contact (even if you are shy - is nothing to lose), and show interest on respective topic or conversation,
5. Be respectful but not cold or condescending when an argument may occur - better try to discuss about, present your point of view, listen to the other one's as well, and eventually find a solution,
6. Be considerate, direct, reliable, optimistic and tonic,
7. Remember birthdays, name days, anniversaries, special occasions important to for people around you (family, friends, colleagues, etc).
- This is another challenging task for us, and if learning few easy steps, would become soon a valuable skill.

The best way is to become likeable is to:
1. Empathize, pay attention to the other one and be sincere.
2. Then learn to have a positive attitude and interact following few simple steps:
- pay attention, be considerate and be helpful - get involved with the other person needs, without neglecting your priorities, showing that you're honestly caring and want to be supportive (without being humble or servant, make a good thing offering pleasure to yourself and to the other person),
- ask questions, get involved and find common topics, hobbies or acquaintances - simple things that (without being intrusive) will boost your conversation and make you become really likeable in the other one's eyes,
- also, open up (a bit) about yourself - share passions, interests, dreams or plans - watch the other one's reaction and see which topic should be followed to have a common subject or get her/ his interest to discuss further,
- try to spend more (quality) time together, make plans, go to a date, a walk around or a short trip, join an exhibition or theater show, anything that may bring pleasure and is done with no pressure or sort of obligation.
3. Make sincere compliments now and then - they always count for all of us, and bring sparkles in the eyes!

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